Photographer: Lakaye Mbah

About Nache

I have a unhealthy obsession with design, fashion, art and all things crafty. I literally have three rooms in my house dedicated to the arts! I know, crazy! I'm dedicated to creating beautiful artwork and pieces for the home and to wear. I often collaborate with my husband who is also a designer. You can find me in several places:

Wood Light Switch Covers

I have always been obsessed with light switch covers. I remember buying a ceramic one at the market in Seattle and falling in love with it. The color and texture added character to the room. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the vender online and when I went back years later she was no longer at the market.

SLaser Cut Light Switch Plateo I started out on a quest to create my own. After I fell in love with laser cutting I decide to create my own covers and have been experimenting with designs ever since. These handmade items are sanded and coated with a protective oil. By request I can send an unfinished cover so you can stain it to your liking. 

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